"This may be the fastest summer in history." 

As we begin to close out the summer season, this sentiment has been popular among colleagues, friends and family – and one that I’ve heard on nearly a daily basis. This summer has been quite the contrast to what we experienced in 2020 and the painful isolation from our loved ones. Without doubt and looking back, it felt like the longest summer in history. There were no graduations, barbeques, birthdays, fireworks or any of the summer traditions and celebrations that so many of us enjoy. While 2020 was in slow-motion, 2021 has felt like watching a movie in fast forward. With every life experience, there’s always an important lesson-learned as part of the journey. 2020 taught me to appreciate this summer more than any other of my life. It reminded me to appreciate the little things in life and the times spent with those that matter most. With only 22 days remaining in the summer of 2021, I hope you enjoy every second and never take a single moment for granted. I promise to do the same.

As always and on behalf of our KIG family, thank you for the opportunity to serve you and play a part in your life’s journey.

Best Regards,

Business Owners – Year End Tax Tips

If you or someone you know is a business owner, I encourage you to read or forward this insightful article. The article covers Section 179, 100% bonus depreciation, redesigning your retirement plan, reconsidering your business structure, the Cares Act and carrying back losses, vehicle deductions and more. Consult with your Tax Advisor before the tax season is in full force!

Year-End Tax Tips for Businesses


At KIG, we always say it’s the income that produces the outcome. However, it’s been a challenge generating income in a low interest environment. Today’s low interest rates have challenged us to pivot and seek alternative strategies for income. This article highlights alternative strategies to complement a well-diversified portfolio.

Nontraditional Assets Can Complement a Diversified Portfolio 

Turning Age 65?

Here we go ... last, but certainly not least, I’ve decided to choose an exciting topic – Medicare Planning! If you are under the age of 62, forward this link to your 62+ friends and family. Otherwise, it may be a coin toss; read my article or go outside and watch grass grow. However, in all seriousness for those that are approaching the age of 65, your Medicare choices can be overwhelming and stressful.  If you are approaching Medicare or already on Medicare, I encourage you to read these two informative articles. In September, KIG will be hosting a dinner at The Riverwinds Restaurant (West Deptford, NJ) to help consumers better understand Medicare enrollment, along with selecting the right supplemental plan that works for you. Please contact our office if you would like to learn more about Medicare planning/strategies and we look forward to seeing you at our September event.

Making the Most of Medicare's Open Enrollment Period
The Scoop on COVID-19 Medicare Scams

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