Multi-Generational Planning

Families come in all shapes and sizes.
The same can be said for your legacy and family’s wealth management planning.

Individual and family wealth management excellence is the cornerstone of our expertise at KIG. Our strong tradition of serving multigenerational families provides us with unique insights into estate issues and the shifting dynamics that families encounter as assets grow. We consider it an honor and a privilege, as well as an achievement, to currently serve our client families through four generations. We also understand that preserving our client’s wealth is paramount to their financial legacy. It’s simply not enough to have a plan; it’s critical you have one that’s comprehensive, agile and designed to maximize your wealth within your family lineage over a period of decades, spanning 50 to 100 years into the future.

Depending on your life stage and financial circumstances, our team will determine the optimal strategy for all you and your family’s financial planning and wealth management needs. We’re also committed to helping next-generation family members understand the unique challenges they face as they begin their wealth-building journey.

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Multi-generational planning is the process of acquiring, investing and building wealth throughout your life and preparing to share the fruits of your success with those you love in order to provide long-term financial prosperity and security for your family. In addition to requiring a lot of collaboration, coordination and trust, it also includes having a comprehensive plan that outlines your family’s financial legacy.

At a minimum, a thoughtful and well-developed multi-generational wealth plan should include a will, power of attorney, health care proxy and living will. But don’t be fooled. Your planning isn’t simply about transferring your wealth upon your passing. After all, a portion of your legacy is determined by the way you acquire, invest and save your wealth over the course of your life. Whether you’re an early investor or approaching retirement, your wealth plan should include a long-term approach that is strategically developed with your family in mind.

At its essence, multi-generational planning preserves your legacy and delivers financial confidence that your family will be well cared for following your death. You’ve worked hard to build your wealth and you need to consider how you plan to pass that money to your future generations. For many clients, ensuring a last legacy is an important component of their wealth planning as it ensures their heirs have financial stability and a firm foundation for future success. While there are many benefits to multi-generational planning, an optimized wealth transfer – passing as much money as possible to heirs – is typically a main focus for most clients. We can help develop an estate plan that considers all your wishes while preserving your assets for your loved ones.

In addition to guiding your beneficiaries on how to manage wealth, our advisor team will discuss and implement the most beneficial strategies to ensure all your wishes are followed. Our services include:

  • Your family legacy
  • Inheritance
  • Family values and doctrines
  • Business transitions
  • Implementation of wills and trust

A conversation with your KIG financial advisor is the best place to start when you’re thinking about bringing your family to the table to discuss your legacy goals. A well-designed family discussion can help you convey and help them to understand the design and structure of your legacy planning. It can also begin a productive conversation around money management and investment while serving as an introduction to the KIG advisory team. Getting an early start with a trusted financial planner will help them as they begin their own lifetime accumulating wealth. We can help you decide who should attend a family meeting, think through the best ways to approach your children (or your parents), and set the agenda and rules for your conversations, including sensitive topics that you prefer to be avoided. Whether you’ve already reached out to family members about the future of your wealth or you’ve only begun to consider it, we invite you to include us in your discussions.

We know that multi-generational planning can be a difficult process, and that developing comprehensive solutions is about collaboration, coordination, and trust. Let us help you build, preserve, and transfer your wealth in a way that’s meaningful to you and honors your wishes and family.

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